I can’t thank Matt enough for the great work he has done for me. His treatments have been very helpful and quite beneficial. Tai Yi is a tremendous tool and Matt is adept and very intuitive. I highly recommend him. – M.M.

When I first went to Matt for Tai Yi treatment, I was struggling with many long term problems. As a medical professional, I know and have seen the limitations of “traditional medicine” to resolve certain healing issues. After consistently having treatments with Matt, my progress has been life altering. Matt is one of the most ethical and humble practitioners I have ever worked with. He takes the time to talk and discover what treatment would be best for the issues. Sometimes, the results have been dramatic! It is a real blessing for me to have such a pure healing force be available to me. Thank you, Matt! – Liana P.

I have very much enjoyed my  Tai Yi sessions with Matt. Matt’s commitment to mastering his craft is evident to me and his approach is professional.  Matt possesses much natural abilities in the areas of healing energy work and I often feel waves of energy passing through my body as he works. I leave the sessions feeling energized and joyful! – Ewell C.

All the times I had Tai Yi from Matt I would get out of his office feeling that I have done something positive and different for myself like buying flowers and taking them home. Matt carried out the exercise with precision, responsibility, confidence and a certain type of quality only unique to him. I will definitely look for Tai Yi from Matt again. – Cornelius S.

After receiving Tai Yi from Matt, not only did I feel extremely clear, grounded, and aware; but my body was completely tingling for a good couple of days! I was very touched by Matt’s apparent deep respect and dedication for his practice. During our long session I noticed how his focus and concentration never seemed to waver, even as I drifted in and out of altered states of awareness.I also enjoyed the beautiful waves of energy I could physically feel pulsating through my body. As a healer and counselor I truly valued Matt’s ability to provide me with unbiased and compassionate guidance, as well as his ability to bring light and a smile to even the heaviest of conversations. There is such a warmth and genuine kindness which Matt embodies, he is truly one of a kind! I am so grateful for you assistance, in every way Matt!- Rachel S.

Matt is very professional, focused and dedicated to the Tai Yi work.  I felt relaxed and comfortable in the space.  I only had one session with Matt and plan to work with him again. Lauren C.