Let Me Be You Syndrome

This exercise is for ones who live their life seeking approval from parents, mate, friends, teachers, society, etc. Their true creative ability is asleep. They often carry a deep take care of me energy.

Will feel more creative, more empowered, more excited about living their life vs. their parents life or whoever they were trying to be.

Will also have opportunity to feel opposite polarity of fear, “What if I am not accepted?”

How many replicate the actions and beliefs of others? Someone made a choice that was successful for them, you go and try to replicate that choice but it doesn’t work for you. For true joy to exist, one must be themself. Everybody is different and unique (should be), but so many try to replicate other people or other things. Will end up frustrated, depressed, angry. If you think you did work trying to copy someone else, then you didn’t do work. When you heal is when you experience a higher vibratory reality. You begin flowing with the flow of energy vs. going against the flow of energy.

Everybody knows who they are, but beliefs overshadow the knowingness. Peel away the beliefs and you will know who you are. Disempower beliefs by disproving them.

Religion was created by mentally disabled people to feel better about their own beliefs.