Animalistic Nature of Pain – 5 Parts

Assists ones to move out of the animalistic nature of survival to become more at peace with oneself. The survival instinct is not natural for human souls. The 3rd dimensional body carries a frequency of pain. The more you move out of that nature, DNA begins to shift. This treatment works on multiple levels to create healing of whatever is causing a particular pain. It works on all 12 bodies, including the conscious/unconscious mind to expand the consciousness and increase understanding of the pain.

The energy of survival inhibits one’s creativity and leads to pain and depression on all levels. To heal this depression, one must heal what has been suppressed.

When one allows the survival part of the brain to become active, it retracts the mind. The brain carries this instinct, but the mind does not have to let the brain influence it. Use the mind more than the brain. When do you give more power to your brain than your mind? This creates a conflict of interest between the mind and the brain.