Trail of Emotional Death – 2 Parts

This exercise sets up an energy shield to guard the emotional body from chemtrails. The chemicals, not only in the chemtrails, but in the environment as a whole, deeply affect the emotional body to affect feeling. Results in apathy, people don’t care. This helps prevent that from occurring. Also helps the emotional body to begin […]

The Winter Storm

This exercise is to be done in the season WINTER only. It assists ones who are going deeper into their healing in order to emerge in a more healed state in the spring. It goes deep into the mental, emotional. Works on all 12 bodies though.

Tomorrow’s Yesterday

This exercise helps keep one focused on what they are creating today. Great for people who continue to recreate the past or leave the future up to someone or something else.

The 12th Dragon

The 12th Dragon is known as the 12th door in more advanced Tai Yi. This exercise opens and monitors the gates connecting each body. It allows for a more fluid transition to higher understanding.

The Golden Mind

The Golden Mind refers to the heart connecting to the higher mind. This exercise clears the gum residue left behind from polluted thoughts. It allows for a clearer channel to the higher mind. This exercise will assist the recipient to feel deeper. The heart gives guidance to the mind. It will create a balance between […]

Shyness Complex

This helps in healing a defect in the Brain Personality (usually from severe punishment, or fear of punishment). This personality type usually looks for ones to take care of them, save them. This leads to deep levels of depression. This personality also has difficulty staying on their path, because it is so easy for them […]

Sea Mist

The best exercise for someone new to Tai Yi, this removes the emotional mist so the recipient can see his/her issues more clearly. Has a pleasant after effect.

Protection From Self

This exercise is for self-punishment, guilt, and self anger. It also works for ones who punish themselves in the dream state or out of body state. Ones who wake up depressed, anxious or angry.

Perception of Healing

Assists one in removing the false perceptions around healing. Helps one to see the restrictions they have placed on their healing. Perceptions of healing cause one to wait for the often false perceptions of healing he/she has created. Investment in the perception retards true healing. Rarely does the result of healing fit the perception the […]

Light of Destruction

This exercise is for strengthening the immune system of the skin from harmful sun rays. It also assists in radiation poisoning from dark energy.

Journey Home

Works with the emotional and higher mind to bring: awareness and memories of home; awareness and memories of why you are here; awareness and memories of what you need to do.

Let Me Be You Syndrome

This exercise is for ones who live their life seeking approval from parents, mate, friends, teachers, society, etc. Their true creative ability is asleep. They often carry a deep take care of me energy. Will feel more creative, more empowered, more excited about living their life vs. their parents life or whoever they were trying […]

Hyper Sensitive

This exercise will assist ones who are hyper sensitive, to turn their hyper sensitive energy into a more intuitive understanding. Hypersensitive energy is psychic energy out of balance. Causes ones to go deeply into drugs or alcohol. Children of the 21st century come in with very sensitive energies. When one with these energies has very […]

Fire of the Brain

Resets the firing of the brain to allow the brain to properly process information from the mind. As side benefit, this is beneficial for people who have had injuries to the brain from: concussion, stroke, drug abuse, long term depression, long term anger and autism. The brain has sparks of energy that move in a […]

Conflict of Path

This is a great exercise for those who attended the May 2011 Jonah Intensive. It helps bring awareness to counterfeit journeys. It brings assistance to those who are confused about their path. This exercise also opens the door to passion for one’s path.

Channel of Wisdom

This exercise opens channels to the ancient brain to allow the ancient mind to function. This exercise is for ones who have taken action to go deeper into awareness of who they are, and a deeper understanding of healing.

Book of Change

This exercise assists people that are going through much change. It creates clarity as to what order change needs to be created. When change is created out of order, imbalance occurs. Helps people prioritize change based on the wisdom from the higher mind.

Brain Passion

Most people use energized thought perceiving it is passion. Passion is the energy need to create heat in the meridians. Brain Passion is s clearing exercise as well as an exercise to assist in creating new patterns. Greatly beneficial in helping recipient to make new/different choices in life. When new choices are made, the pattern/movement […]

Bamboo Roots

This exercise will assist ones to be more focused and grounded in what they do from the higher bodies. Especially good for Tai Yi students who lose their focus when doing Tai Yi. The only reason why people aren’t grounded is because they don’t like what they feel when they are grounded. Great to be […]