Stream of Healing provides Tai Yi energy healing and spiritual counseling. Tai Yi is an hands-on energy healing modality that assists in healing deep levels of mental, emotional and physical pain. By healing inhibiting issues, one’s vitality and vibration are increased. Then the individual can experience true freedom, enlightenment and self knowledge.

Painful issues such as anger, depression, anxiety and addictions can feel like they have a powerful lock because of blockage and imbalance in the human energy system. Tai Yi energy healing is a gentle method of clearing stagnant energy, balancing and charging the human energy system. By removing the blockage surrounding the issue and restoring balance, Tai Yi assists in helping one to identify the core of the problem and release it. Beneath the shades of limiting patterns and belief systems shines a beautiful light that is your real self.

Matt is actively enrolled in the advanced class of the Life Energy Flow Tai Yi School of Healing taught by Hossca Harrison. As of November 2011, he tested at 8.18 out of 12.12 on the Tai Yi grading scale. Stream of Healing Tai Yi is located in Lyons, a short distance from Boulder, CO and Fort Collins, CO.