Heated Head of Disruption

Assists in healing sinus, eye and throat infections. Continuous sinus infections are the result of not allowing the sinuses to properly drain. This can come from improper diet. When one has a sinus infection, they should not eat mucous-forming foods. Medications also block the drainage. The more an infection comes back, the stronger it becomes. […]

Animalistic Nature of Pain – 5 Parts

Assists ones to move out of the animalistic nature of survival to become more at peace with oneself. The survival instinct is not natural for human souls. The 3rd dimensional body carries a frequency of pain. The more you move out of that nature, DNA begins to shift. This treatment works on multiple levels to […]

Zen Valley

Physical immune system builder. For ones who have released their core belief. For ones who have gone through trauma which impaired the immune system. Deep anger damages the immune system. For someone who has carried and healed deep anger, this is also beneficial. Zen Valley brings one to his/her core center, a state of inner […]

Universal Eye

Assists ones to have a deeper understanding of why change is occurring and how it affects you. Assists in understanding on all levels: environment, society, political. On a deeper level, it increases awareness of change is occurring in your bodies. Increases awareness to the advance warning system of malfunctioning in your bodies. For ex: cancer, […]

Transmitters of Life

Helpful for getting over an irrational feeling or fear. Irrational, meaning an illogical fear that is not linked to an event or memory. Transmitters carry messages of light to all parts of the body. Some carry messages of pain, fear and death. This helps clear the transmitters to allow a cleaner message to be send […]

Trail of Emotional Death – 2 Parts

This exercise sets up an energy shield to guard the emotional body from chemtrails. The chemicals, not only in the chemtrails, but in the environment as a whole, deeply affect the emotional body to affect feeling. Results in apathy, people don’t care. This helps prevent that from occurring. Also helps the emotional body to begin […]

Tomorrow’s Yesterday

This exercise helps keep one focused on what they are creating today. Great for people who continue to recreate the past or leave the future up to someone or something else.

The Winter Storm

This exercise is to be done in the season WINTER only. It assists ones who are going deeper into their healing in order to emerge in a more healed state in the spring. It goes deep into the mental, emotional. Works on all 12 bodies though.

The Human Rainbow

Assists in blending the many different parts of self into conscious awareness.

The Hidden Mind

Brings up what you have been hiding from yourself. Helpful for assistance in healing a specific issue, such as a chronic program. For example: always late, always forgetting, easily triggered anger, jealously, fear. Can be an emotional, mental, or physical issue. When something is brought to your awareness, then you can address it and heal […]

The Golden Mind

The Golden Mind refers to the heart connecting to the higher mind. This exercise clears the gum residue left behind from polluted thoughts. It allows for a clearer channel to the higher mind. This exercise will assist the recipient to feel deeper. The heart gives guidance to the mind. It will create a balance between […]

The 12th Dragon

The 12th Dragon is known as the 12th door in more advanced Tai Yi. This exercise opens and monitors the gates connecting each body. It allows for a more fluid transition to higher understanding.

Sun Energy

For ones that easily become distracted from their path or by another. Strengthens one’s knowingness and the meridians of emotions, mind and spirit. Strengthens one’s energetic system. Energizes meridians connected to knowingness. Draws on creative male energy (not gender related). Male +, Female -.

Sugar Dragon – 3 Parts

For ones who carry: an addiction to sugar; an addiction to self deception; an addiction to deflecting assistance. Addiction to sugar can also be abusing sweetness in life. One can take in the energy of sugar while not taking in the substance.

Star of Heart

For those who fear opening their heart. Usually have troubled or no relationship. Assists in creating an opening in the heart to allow it to feel. Works with the conscious and subconscious mind.

Stagnant Pond of the Brain

Assists people with brain difficulty. Helps with poor memory, repressed abuse, recurring headaches, slow responses being sent to the body from the brain. Assists in common sense. The name comes from the tendency for stagnant fluid to gather in parts of the brain. Fluid in the brain needs to be circulated and cleanses, particularly in […]

Spontaneous Motion

Assists anyone, but specifically those in a healing or counseling field. Assists ones to spontaneously recognize though projections, attachments and someone attempting to cord. Also increases the movement of the mind. Helps with a sluggish mind. Those in a counseling field are often projected upon because they bring up what their clients don’t want to […]

Spiritual Puberty

For people who have experience trauma around the time of puberty. These traumas commonly result in fear of sexuality or denial of inner sexuality. This treatment is mostly done of females, but can be done on males. The case in which this would be done on a male is for ones who have fear of […]

Spiritual Addiction

This exercise works mostly with adults. It can be done on teens, however never do this exercise on one that has not gone through puberty. This exercise works with the part of the brain that controls addiction, known as the pleasure pathway. This exercise works with dopamine transmitters. Spiritual addiction is the same as any […]

Spirit Weaver

This treatment works at weaving the bodies together. For people that feel separate. For people that feel a separation from their base, from their knowingness. For people that feel scattered, have difficulty focusing and have difficulty directing their attention and energy.

Soul Block

For ones who have setup a deep wall separating themselves from their own soul knowing. People in this state will always have an excuse for why they have the difficulty they have. May say, “I just don’t get it.” This is because of a wall around the heart and consciousness. Others can see the wall […]

Solar Flare

Created to assist the body during solar storms. Also assists in shielding the body temporarily during chemtrail application. When you see a lot of chemtrails happening, get this treatment done. Have this treatment done in preparation for solar storms. Assists when there is a high level of solar activity to prevent depletion of the immune […]

Sin of I

The original definition of sin is to “miss the mark”. This treatment assists ones to be aware of what they have missed in what it is they have been attempting to create, whatever healing they have been attempting to accomplish. Recipient will feel an increase in the flow of energy in the spine within minutes […]

Shyness Complex

This helps in healing a defect in the Brain Personality (usually from severe punishment, or fear of punishment). This personality type usually looks for ones to take care of them, save them. This leads to deep levels of depression. This personality also has difficulty staying on their path, because it is so easy for them […]

Sea Mist

The best exercise for someone new to Tai Yi, this removes the emotional mist so the recipient can see his/her issues more clearly. Has a pleasant after effect.

River of Mud

For people who tend to walk in crappy neighborhoods and pick up energy. (in town, clients, restaurant) This helps protect the meridians from energy attaching. Wonderful for those who work with the public. Wonderful for adolescents in school. Also good for someone who has gone through abuse and continues to attract abusive energy from being […]

River of Energy

For converting stagnant energy into productive energy. Good for depression. Good for getting out of belief systems. Depression can go into the muscles. This exercise can assist ones with chronic pain. For people with a negative experience in life, they can use this to make it positive. Can you raise the vibration of your stagnation […]

Removing the Snake

Brings to conscious awareness hidden ailments occurring leading to emotional, mental, physical disorders. If a malfunction is beginning to occur, this brings it to awareness. It makes that part of the body more sensitive. Brings projected energy to conscious awareness. Brings to awareness what’s going on so you can take action on it. Snake represents […]

Relationship to Action

For ones who have a hard time taking action on the words they speak. Symptoms of this would be speaking a lot about what they will do, but procrastinate. This is often a result of fear of judgment, fear of being right or wrong. This exercise will help one to create the life he/she speaks […]

Rainbow Connection

Helps one see, feel and interpret energy on an intuitive level. Intuitive meaning, feeling things inwardly without a logical explanation.

Punishment Syndrome

Works on beliefs that create low self-esteem. Good for those who have been threatened with punishment or punished. Good for people who were raised in a religious household. This treatment helps to work on beliefs that send someone to punish themselves, someone who carries beliefs that they are never good enough. Other symptoms will be […]

Protection From Self

This exercise is for self-punishment, guilt, and self anger. It also works for ones who punish themselves in the dream state or out of body state. Ones who wake up depressed, anxious or angry.

Primitive Beast of Resistance – 3 Parts

For the beast nature called survival. For ones who always have an excuse or reason to resist change and are in the process of creating physical, mental or emotional illness. Ones who have become so ingrained in their energy, they have much pain working on their healing. Can be done before or after Animalistic Nature […]

Poisoned Health

This exercise was originally for people that were eating food that had spoiled, diseased animals, improper parts of animals, or animals that the human body is not equipped to digest properly. This exercise helps repair damage done by GMO foods. Today’s GMO foods are diseased foods, as their genetics are intentionally altered. This exercise is […]

Point of Discovery

Brings to surface what has been hidden that creates pain. Brings to surface what creates permanent healing versus temporary healing. Brings to surface where interference is coming from. It helps one to identify what age the trauma occurred that is creating the pain. The human body moves through time, but traumas don’t. A trauma that […]

Pillar of Mind Power

Assists ones to use the mind’s greater ability to self create by not using beliefs or creations of others. Beliefs that are contrary to one’s purpose and soul carry a different vibration, a different frequency. Acting out these beliefs decreases the entire human energy system, bringing depression and anxiety. This exercise works on the frequency […]

Perception of Healing

Assists one in removing the false perceptions around healing. Helps one to see the restrictions they have placed on their healing. Perceptions of healing cause one to wait for the often false perceptions of healing he/she has created. Investment in the perception retards true healing. Rarely does the result of healing fit the perception the […]

Painful Obstruction

Brings into awareness obstructions in this life or another. Can be used to bring awareness if disease is manifesting in the body. Good for psychologists to use on their clients prior to therapy. Something feels off? This will help identify it.

Ocean of Energy

Part of the Zen Valley, Earth Pot, Ocean of Energy series. This creates a wave of energy to clean out garbage knocked loose in the other treatments.

Moon Energy for Males

For those struggling with deep emotional issues coming up with the Earth’s changes. Particularly for those struggling with shifts in the electromagnetic fields. Those that want to give up learning and healing, those who are sulking with woe is me syndromes. This helps align the body with the shifting of the electromagnetic field so emotions […]

Moon Energy for Females

For those struggling with deep emotional issues coming up with the Earth’s changes. Particularly for those struggling with shifts in the electromagnetic fields. Those that want to give up learning and healing, those who are sulking with woe is me syndromes. This helps align the body with the shifting of the electromagnetic field so emotions […]

Missing Life

Available to everyone, but especially for one’s working on the Did Ye Miss It? Intensive. For people that keep missing opportunities because they don’t see or because they are afraid of them. Works on all bodies, especially the emotional, etherical and mental bodies. Missing opportunities is the same as sabotaging opportunities. Beneficial for people who […]

Mind of Rock, Sand and Mud

Assists in re-forming the issue into its original form. When there is overlapping energy, you have to go to the core, you can’t just put a “band-aid” on part of the issue. Works well with Perception of Healing. If someone mutated their core belief, this will help bring it back to its original form. Reforming […]

Live Energy of Deceit

For people that lie to and deceive themselves. Similar to Painful Obstruction in how it works. If you deceive yourself after receiving this, the energy will become so powerful you won’t be able to ignore it. Can be quite strong depending on how much the individual wants it to work. If you’ve been working hard […]

Light of Tranquility

Helps on see the purpose for which they are healing, not just the release of pain. One has to be able to see the purpose for which they are healing. Helps one to see the overall purpose for healing the issue they are working upon, not just to be rid of pain. There will be […]

Light of Destruction

This exercise is for strengthening the immune system of the skin from harmful sun rays. It also assists in radiation poisoning from dark energy.

Let Me Be You Syndrome

This exercise is for ones who live their life seeking approval from parents, mate, friends, teachers, society, etc. Their true creative ability is asleep. They often carry a deep take care of me energy. Will feel more creative, more empowered, more excited about living their life vs. their parents life or whoever they were trying […]

Journey Home

Works with the emotional and higher mind to bring: awareness and memories of home; awareness and memories of why you are here; awareness and memories of what you need to do.

Internal Weather – Part 4 of 4 – Mountains

This part allows for rapid change. Allows for extremes to be felt. Allows for extremes to be experiences on the other 3 parts of the exercise. Mountains represent higher consciousness. Mountains represent going to the source of your issue. Going to the source, the peak, brings extremes into balance. Simple to do, but not simple […]

Internal Weather – Part 3 of 4 – Rivers

Works on the rivers in the body. Rivers facilitate the sending of energy between gates. When one has weakness in the rivers, the body has difficulty communicating with different parts of itself. For example, communication between the brain and the mind and communication between the brain and the organs. The rivers must flow for harmony.

Internal Weather – Part 2 of 4 – Waves

Expands on Part 1, working on waves of energy. When they flow freely, they do not allow stagnation. Negative emotions are stagnant energy. Helps balance the fluids in the body. Directly works on waves of energy in the body. Brings balance and moves stagnant energy out of the body.

Internal Weather – Part 1 of 4 – Winds

Increases awareness to future events in the body as well as the reality you are creating. Helps adjust the body to the weather conditions you are in. Makes body and mind more sensitive -> hypersensitive. Creates a movement of energy to allow a balanced transition from one level consciousness to another

Intelligence of Feel

Psychological, helps to put the energy of feeling more deeply into the mind to understand a feeling, where it is coming from, and what it represents. People often separate the mind from feelings and suppress feelings. This exercise assists the mind (not the brain) to more deeply understand feelings being felt. It helps people that […]

Immunity of Thought – 2 Parts

This treatment builds the immune system of the mental and emotional bodies. Beneficial for people who have a tendency to be subjected to thought projections. Also good for people preparing for travel (Do 2 days or less before travel). Very beneficial for those who have something others want. Good for people with a tendency to […]

Hyper Sensitive

This exercise will assist ones who are hyper sensitive, to turn their hyper sensitive energy into a more intuitive understanding. Hypersensitive energy is psychic energy out of balance. Causes ones to go deeply into drugs or alcohol. Children of the 21st century come in with very sensitive energies. When one with these energies has very […]

Human Vitality – 2 Parts

Immune booster, works on the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. Rejuvenates life in these bodies and, in addition, sends in energy that create an energy pattern that seals any energy leak in the meridians. When done correctly, it feels like a tremendous load has been totally removed. You wake up the next morning feeling […]

Human Rhythm – 4 Parts

Whenever you increase your ability in anything, the entire energetic system needs to begin functioning in accordance with that ability. Sometimes it doesn’t and one begins doubting or punishing oneself. Had a period of seeing energy but can’t get it back? Something interfered: fear, doubt. This exercise works to create a blending rhythm in the […]

Human Rhythm – Part 2 of 4

Whenever you increase your ability in anything, the entire energetic system needs to begin functioning in accordance with that ability. Sometimes it doesn’t and one begins doubting or punishing oneself. Had a period of seeing energy but can’t get it back? Something interfered: fear, doubt. This exercise works to create a blending rhythm in the […]

Hope of Pain (False Hope of Pain)

Works with the subconscious mind. Works with self-sabotage issues (also unconscious). Good to be done after Dust of Liver.

The Governing Channel For Life

Beneficial for people in the process of releasing core belief. Opens an energy channel to the organs. Opens channel for nourishment to begin flowing into those organs. Removes non-nourishing energy. Highly involved. For someone who is programmed a certain way, the programming is not working. Person must have worked on core issue. Works on: spleen, […]

Ghost Pain

People or ghosts can be in the environment and cause pain in the body, mind and emotions. If you are not aware of the energy, you will think it is your own. For people who were or are in close contact to a poltergeist. A poltergeist is an area of intense energy where there may […]

Fusion of Life

Assists one to bond mentally and emotionally with their physical body. For people who have a tendency to be unfocused. For people who have chronic in their body and don’t know why. For those who feel they were born in the wrong body and never really bonded with it. Also assists those with depression. For […]

Fusion of Essence and Energy

Helps one draw energy from all bodies, including the physical, mental, emotional, energy body. For people that have low energy, depleted energy. This exercise will energize them.

Forgotten Love

For ones who have forgotten how to love, accept love and what it felt like when they were in a vibratory state of love. Shortly – for ones with anger problems. If you don’t use love, it dissipates. Everyone carries it somewhere. This treatment goes to it and helps bring love to the surface so […]

Forgotten Life

For ones who have forgotten how to live. Forgotten light’s greatest connection to this life. Assists in letting go of beliefs and accepting knowingness. Those who dwell upon negativity allow their mind and emotions to get stuck in a pattern. Stagnation builds in the mental, emotional and physical meridians. Draws upon information from forgotten life […]

Fluid Behavior

For people who allow past life traumas to painfully influence this life. Also for people who want to blame events or encounter on a past life to justify their pain. Someone of this disposition will usually be depressed, angry and very fearful of life.

Fire of the Brain

Resets the firing of the brain to allow the brain to properly process information from the mind. As side benefit, this is beneficial for people who have had injuries to the brain from: concussion, stroke, drug abuse, long term depression, long term anger and autism. The brain has sparks of energy that move in a […]

Extraordinary Power – 3 Parts

Works on the mental, emotional and physical bodies in regard to the mental emotional immune system. Wonderful for ones working on healing core belief or a deep psychological issue from childhood or beyond. The mind can become stuck in a rut. This treatment is good for Tai Yi practitioners who have a habit of practicing […]

Earth Pot

Part of the Zen Valley, Earth Pot, Ocean of Energy series. This treatment stirs the pot, it shakes loose old, nervous, frustrated energy. The inside of a meridian looks like a blood vein with cholesterol attachments. This treatment sends a strong surge of energy, bouncing it off the walls of the meridian, shaking attachments loose. […]

Earth Core Balance

Also known as the “anti-tradition” treatment, this helps balance the body so the body can more easily adjust to earth changes. Helps ones to feel deeper levels of passion. Assists in balancing current life with a positive future life. People that don’t change with the electromagnetic field will experience more anger, depression and disease. People […]

Dust of Liver

Works with the liver and gallbladder. “Dust” meaning constant irritation not being dealt with. What are you irritated about? There is a core of irritation, this will assist with that. Good to follow up with Heated Head of Disruption.

Digestive Mud

Works with the physical body to assist the digestive process. Also works with the emotional, astral and etherical bodies to bring into motion what has caused the imbalance. You should have a bowel movement at least once a day, best twice. If not, you have a form of stagnation, referred to as mud. The physical […]

Denial of Truth

For ones who get caught up in a very mental cycle of denial. Relates to Jonah’s message, “Psychology of Denial”. This breaks up cycles that ones get caught up in. For people that continue doing the same thing but hope for a different outcome. When one is in denial of something, it will not heal. […]

Denial of Denial

Removes the walls surround the denial. Wonderful for people that have an entitlement issue but want to heal it. Good for people in therapy (therapist sees the issue, but the patient is in denial of it). Removes the walls that sets up the denial in order to heal the denial.

Death of Karma

Clears the karmic residue in the bodies after you have healed the karma. Residue comes from a long-held issue with resistance. Karmic energy can influence belief systems. The soul is not attached to the human conscious ego. Beneficial to do after one has healed their core belief. Karmic reminders are like markers to remind you […]

Death Beliefs

Brings to the surface beliefs that will lead to your death – emotional, mental, physical or accidental. Works with the mental, emotional and physical bodies. A person who receives it correctly will feel the belief arising and ready to fall of and release. Helpful for people who want to release old painful patterns (such as […]

Dark Side of the Moon – 2 Parts

For dark emotions that almost never surface. Opens the meridians to allow life energy flow to flow into these meridians to gently open what has been shut off from the conscious mind. These dark emotions are building blocks for belief systems. Should expect to recognize some dark beliefs they carry and the energy that has […]

Damp Spirit Creation

For individuals whose body is not processing the information from the soul because of too many toxins in the physical, mental, emotional bodies. For ones with too many blockages and confusion. For ones who have developed a habit of dwelling on dark, painful issues and mind generate realities of pain and suffering. For this exercise […]

Core Essence

Allows understanding of your core essence to surface by removing layers that are hiding it. Works more on the the subconscious mind than any other part. (unconscious, conscious, unconscious emotions, immune system) -> lesser. Works with the subconscious mind that is hiding something from you in this life or another.

Conflict of Path

This is a great exercise for those who attended the May 2011 Jonah Intensive. It helps bring awareness to counterfeit journeys. It brings assistance to those who are confused about their path. This exercise also opens the door to passion for one’s path.

Conception Channel

Assists in becoming more aware of spiritual concepts. Assists in increasing awareness of thoughts and beliefs when they appear. Works with the energy of the spleen, pancreas, heart, small intestines, kidney and 2nd heart.

Code of Life

Assists in opening part of self closed off because of injury in this life or another. Assists to go into deeper meditation. Assists mentally and emotionally in dealing with energy shifts both globally and personally. Brings the injury to the forefront. Allows ones to open up to themselves more. Assists ones to become more aware […]

Code of Death

For ones who are allowing death and rebirth to occur. Death of the old and birth of the new. Assists in letting go of the tentacles of an old painful issue that has been held on to for a long time.

Channel of Wisdom

This exercise opens channels to the ancient brain to allow the ancient mind to function. This exercise is for ones who have taken action to go deeper into awareness of who they are, and a deeper understanding of healing.

Central Point Communication

Opens channels of communication from yourself to yourself: past life self, future self, guides. If you don’t change your patterns which lead to the stagnation, you will return to the way you were before. Major points work with the mental body.

Brain Purge

Receiving this treatment is like taking a wet sponge full of garbage and wringing it out with fresh water. It clears out energy in the brain and allows all of the brain to be energized. Stagnant energy attracts stagnant energy. Stagnation may occur from spending time in a negative environment. If the brain becomes stagnated […]

Brain Passion

Most people use energized thought perceiving it is passion. Passion is the energy need to create heat in the meridians. Brain Passion is s clearing exercise as well as an exercise to assist in creating new patterns. Greatly beneficial in helping recipient to make new/different choices in life. When new choices are made, the pattern/movement […]

Book of Change

This exercise assists people that are going through much change. It creates clarity as to what order change needs to be created. When change is created out of order, imbalance occurs. Helps people prioritize change based on the wisdom from the higher mind.

Bodies in Conflict

People let purity conflict with their inner knowing. One man lives a “healthy” life and dies early, others eat lard and live to 105. Deflect things that happen to you. Beliefs will kill you. A belief in contradiction to your inner knowing will destroy you. This treatment is for ones experiencing internal conflict and beliefs […]

Birthing the Child

This exercise is for those who were spiritually abused as children, and/or children who were brainwashed as a child. The energy from this exercise goes deep into the ancient mind which allows for a purging of the programmed mind. This exercise is for adults and teens (not for pre-pubescent).

Birth Knowing

There is a knowingness you have when you come into this world, this helps you remember. It fosters nurturing and the letting go of belief systems in the first 3 years of life. This treatment will assist in the emergence of a deeper dream state. Emotions will come up around who you were around in […]

Becoming the White Flower

Helps one to see beyond the illusion to have a greater sense of well-being and purpose. For those working to create mind-power ability, this will greatly assist. Client must obtain white flower oil prior to the treatment. Following the treatment, the client inhales this fragrance 3 times a day for 7 days at even intervals […]

Bamboo Spine

Boosts the immune system. Assists with spinal pain and the remembrance of memories carried in the spinal fluid. Also assists with auto-immune disease. Bamboo is rigid but flexible. It is important to recognize that spinal cord injuries are karmic related and the individual must work with this karma. Tai Yi will not erase karma.

Bamboo Roots

This exercise will assist ones to be more focused and grounded in what they do from the higher bodies. Especially good for Tai Yi students who lose their focus when doing Tai Yi. The only reason why people aren’t grounded is because they don’t like what they feel when they are grounded. Great to be […]

Balls of Wax

Wax in ancient Chinese medicine was referred to as lack of fire. This exercise puts more heat into the body, but not physical heat. It is heat to keep the meridians healthy. Wax in the body, according to the ancient Chinese, allows for high cholesterol, tiredness, poor circulation and depression.

8th Level of Fearful Anger

For individuals carrying tremendous fear of letting go of their anger. The individual may have created many physical ailments as a result such as heart disease and stroke. There are 12 levels of anger, this is for the 8th level of the maximum. For extreme levels only.

4th Dance of Tea

Helps one prepare for change versus allowing change to prepare them. Many are caught in pain because they did not prepare for healing, change or a new reality. “4th” represents a 4th level of transformation in the bodies themselves. “Dance of Tea” is an ancient Chinese celebration. They would drink many different teas in celebration […]

4th Power – 4 Parts

Awakens the level of consciousness most directly connected to the 4th dimension. For those who have completed a level of healing and released issues related to moving the unknown self. Will produce a deeper, more profound dream state.

Denial of Truth

For ones who get caught up in a very mental cycle of denial. Relates to Jonah’s message, “Psychology of Denial”. This breaks up cycles that ones get caught up in. For people that continue doing the same thing but hope for a different outcome. When one is in denial of something, it will not heal. […]