How Does Tai Yi Energy Healing Work?

Tai Yi energy healing works by working directly with your body’s meridian gates and clearing blocked energy that results from living out of balance. Any chronic pattern such as anger or depression results in stagnation in certain parts of your meridian system. This stagnation makes the pattern like a rut that it difficult to get out of. Tai Yi clears that pattern to assist you in getting out of that rut. There are 4,000 different exercises, each one having a unique design which works with different levels of stagnation to have a different effect.

The Grid

Tai Yi treatments starts by touching a series of gentle pressure points on specific meridians to direct the flow of energy. This is called the grid.  it is imperative that this grid is correct for the particular treatment to work. Energy must be directed in precise accordance to the natural flow of the meridians in order to work through stagnation.

Universal Energy

A student of Tai Yi is taught to send Universal Energy as opposed to someone sending their own energy. Universal Energy is clean, like pure water. When someone does not send Universal Energy , but sends their own energy, this person is sending energy that is attached to his/her emotions and belief systems. In essence, this person is sending their own emotions and belief systems in to the client. This can have very undesirable effects. This is very important and should be known by anyone doing any type of hands on healing. No Tai Yi practitioner is allowed to work on the public until he/she learns to send only Universal Energy.